Ethical Eating

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UUCS Ethical Eating Group formed

With gratitude and reverence for all life, we savor food mindful of all that has contributed to it. We commit ourselves to a more equitable sharing of the earth's bounty. - UUA General Assembly 2011

When the delegates at the 2011 Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly adopted a statement of conscience on ethical eating, our local congregation started an ethical eating discussion group to explore the ethical implications of our everyday food choices. It's a monumental issue, given our potential impact on waterways, animals, cultures, workers, habitats, and economies. After six weeks of study and discussion, our group produced a list of four basic steps we each can take to lighten our impact.

1. Increase the proportion of plant foods in our diets.
2. Fight hunger and food insecurity in our community.
3. Buy food from companies that care for workers, communities and the environment.
4. Buy local, seasonal foods - or grow and preserve more of our own food.

As simple as these steps may seem, we all know that lifestyle changes can be daunting. As a congregation, we're working to make the steps small and painless. Here are just a few of our baby steps:

1. We're celebrating Meatless Mondays, and once a month we'll bring plant-based foods and recipes to share after the service.
2. We unveiled our handy and attractive little red wagon to collect food donations for the Marion-Polk Food Share.
3. When we have information about local, ethical food producers, we'll try to let you know.
4. If you're a gardener, tuck some extra seeds into the ground. We'll share and exchange our excess produce in the fellowship hall after services.

To see more detailed information on these recommendations, please see the Meatless Mondays video, read the UUA statement of conscience on ethical eating, or check out the UUCS Ethical Eating Group's "Steps to Ethical Eating" document.

To get involved, contact Michelle Blake