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Interest Groups and Ministries

There are many other groups that guide and promote specific interests and ministries and community outreach.  Read more about their activities under Finding Community.



UUCS Teams, Committees, Board and Staff Structure

The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Salem (UUCS) communications pathways and relationships are shown in the following diagram. This is to help congregants, friends and others visualize our structure and the relationships between the many teams, committees, board and staff.  As part of our living tradition we expect that communication pathways and relationships may change over time and UUCS welcomes those opportunities to adapt.  
A larger and clearer image of this diagram is provided to show the communications paths and relationships of UUCS. 
The diagram and the accompanying narrative document address the relationships and roles of the ministers and staff, teams and committees of the congregation. 

The four administrative teams that report directly to the Board include Finance, Personnel, Communications and Facilities.  Other UUCS program teams (Affiliated Ministries, Fellowship, Membership, Life Lines Lay Ministries, Religious Exploration, Social Justice and Worship Services) often include several sub-committees as shown, and report to the Board through our Program Council.
For a list of UUCS team leaders, click here.


Administrative Teams

Administrative Teams report to the board through a board member liaison.

Personnel Team

Finance Team:
Budget Committee:  This group develops the annual operating budget for congregational approval in May and meets throughout the year to manage expenditures and propose budget revisions when needed.  The treasurer is a member ex-officio and three other members serve staggered three-year terms.

Endowment Committee:

Investment Management Committee: Oversees the investments  in stocks and bonds of UUCS.

Facilities Team:
Communications Team:  The mission of the Information and Communications Team is to develop policies regarding UUCS external and internal communications. External communications includes our web site, public relations news releases to the media, associated organizations and other external entities. Internal communications includes the web site, twice-monthly newsletter, the Order of Service and other internal communications to members and friends of the congregation. (see Communications Guide)

Program Teams

These teams report to the board through the Program Council. The Vice-Chair of the board is the head of the Program Council, and chairs their meetings. Communications from and to the board from program teams are through the Vice-Chair.