UUCS Organization

           Team leaders meeting

Committees of the Congregation

Congregational committees report directly to the congregation.

Committee on the Ministry
Nominating Committee


Administrative Teams

Administrative Teams report to the UUCS Board of Directors through a Board member liaison.

Personnel Team
Finance Team
Facilities Team
Communications Team


Program Teams

Program teams report to the UUCS Board through our Program Council.  As head of the Program Council, the Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors chairs their meetings and provides team leaders with a communications pathway from and to the Board.

Lifelines Lay Ministries
Religious Exploration
Worship Services
Social Justice in Action


Special Ministries

The Women’s Alliance provides fellowship, facilities and equipment, and spiritual, social and advisory services to the UUCS community. It is a separate entity from the UUCS organization and predates the UUCS charter date.

Affiliated Ministries are self-sufficient, self sustaining, affiliated programs of UUCS. 



UUCS Teams, Committees, Board and Staff Structure

The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Salem (UUCS) Communications Pathways and Relationships are explained in the following documents.  This is to help congregants, friends and others visualize our structure and the relationships between the many teams, committees, board and staff.  As part of our living tradition we expect that communication pathways and relationships may change over time and UUCS welcomes those opportunities to adapt.  
A diagram and the accompanying narrative document address the relationships and roles of the ministers and staff, teams and committees of the congregation. 
A list of UUCS team and committee leaders  (updated 7/19/2016) provides the name of who to contact for each UUCS team and committee.